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Line array de sonido para exteriores

El sonido es un aspecto clave en cualquier evento, por ello hoy hablamos del Line Array que da nombre a un conjunto de unidades independientes (altavoces) que se unen verticalmente para obtener una única fuente sonora y un efecto coherente y global de sonido en base a la suma de las unidades que lo componen. En Exit Audiovisuales contamos con diferentes sistemas de line array de sonido, ideales para sonorizar lugares exteriores. Hoy nos queremos centrar en dos modelos, AERO DAS CA-28A y CA-215A, sistemas que ofrecen un resultado perfecto y de calidad. [...]

Nuevo sistema de altavoces Bose F1 812 Array

We present our new Bose speakers system F1 Model 812 Array, with which we are committed in Exit Audiovisuales to meet the demands and needs of our clients in the organization of events. Our priority is to offer sound quality in all kinds of events regardless of the characteristics of the place.

The F1 Model 812 Bose refers to a system that allows you to adapt the sound to each scenario or space under the flexible array technology. It consists of up to four possible directivity patterns to adapt to the application, and has a power of 1000W. Consisting of 8 drives vertically oriented for middle frequencies and each one of them allows you to provide a coherent and comprehensive coverage thanks to its personalized guide of waves. The system weighs 20 kg, it has two input channels with independent controls and XLR output to connect with other speakers, if necessary. The equipment consists of a speaker and a compact subwoofer that can be easily transported. [...]