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Exit Audiovisuales, tu empresa de eventos a nivel nacional e internacional

Exit Audiovisuales, your events company at national and international level

Innovation, international growth, development, efficiency... They are the keys of Exit Audiovisuales, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the audiovisual sector and located in Barcelona that offers integral services for the production of all type of audiovisual events. At Exit Audiovisuales we provide all the material and technical staff necessary to cover any type of event. The company continues to grow every year and closes this 2016 with a more than positive balance both nationally [...]
Pantallas táctiles para tu empresa

Touch screens for your company

Do you want to present your company balance sheets? project the 2017 goals? Touch screens are ideal for your company events and to expose any type of information to your employees or attendees of your event. They serve to launch new services or products, display graphs, evaluations or all kinds of information. In Exit Audiovisuales we have the audiovisual technology necessary for your company. Today we want to present two touch screens that allow meeting the growing demands of the sector. We have [...]

Differences between videoconference and videostreaming

In telecommunications, In Exit Audiovisuales we have the necessary equipment to carry out a videoconference and videostreaming. These are systems that allow communication over the Internet and they are ideal for all kinds of events, corporate meetings, small business meetings... Today we present the main features: A videoconference is a bidirectional platform live video connection between people in separate locations via the Internet. Videoconferencing enables visual communication among a group [...]
Nuestras soluciones tecnológicas para eventos

Our technological solutions for events

Today, events are acquiring a higher dimension that multiplies its meaning, its content and its organization and development. Internet, new technologies and social networks have completely changed the way of carrrying out with the organization of an event. From Exit Audiovisuales, we offer a range of technological solutions to multiply the impact of your event through a series of tools. There are many possibilities to equip your event with an innovative and attractive character. Opt for digital [...]
Los mejores equipos de realización para eventos

The best broadcasting systems for events

Exit Audiovisuales has always been committed to high quality systems to meet the high demands of the sector. In our store we have the best audiovisual equipment in broadcasting, mobile unit and live broadcasting. The best technology for the production of large events, sports, institutional, cultural, musical... In Exit Audiovisuales we have equipment to perform direct video, configurable with up to 6 cameras. Equipped with Sony HSC 100R Full HD cameras, which have a double focus assist function, [...]
Organiza tu evento con Exit Audiovisuales

Organize your event with Exit Audiovisuales

Fall is an ideal time for organizing fairs, conferences, corporate events... Outdoor events are already making room for indoor events that stand out for a more formal and serious character. They tend to be events of presentations to learn more about products, show services, share knowledge, and require planning and organization to detail. Exit Audiovisuales develops a comprehensive management and offers a personalised advice tailored to the needs of each client. Our team provides technology and [...]
¿Cómo gestionar la seguridad de tu evento?

How to manage the security of your event?

When organizing an event, it is very important to develop a comprehensive security plan to protect the physical integrity of all participants of the event, organizers, guests, speakers, audience, as well as of space, facilities or the stage. It's a task to perform in a previous phase where all aspects that could threaten the development of the event must be assessed. And in this way develop an effective plan that meets these sections. It is important to evaluate and identify potential risks in [...]
Mapping iglesia Castellar del Vallès

Exit Audiovisuales works with a mapping in Castellar del Vallès

Thanks to Town Hall Castellar del Vallès for having us to make the Mapping in the church for the “Festa Mayor” and Luis Campmajó; creative direction, design and illustration, by making the contents. The audiovisual equipment used for the event were the Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors.

Especialistas en organización y planificación de eventos

Specialists in organization and planning events

Planning is a key part in event organization and can mark the success or failure of it. It requires a lot of experience, creativity or leadership, among other factors. Three features that will favor the development of an event. In Exit Audiovisuales we have over 30 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, a journey that has allowed us to acquire the professionalism and knowledge necessary to plan and organize successful events. Our staff plans, organizes and develops any type of event to [...]
Claves para eventos al aire libre

Tips for outdoor events

The summer is not over yet and outdoor events are still protagonists in this September. Corporate events, sports, cultural events... The outdoor events enjoy great popularity in this time where good temperatures are still present. But organizing an event is not a simple task, so today I want to give a series of tips to make your outdoor event a great success. The weather conditions are a key factor in these events. It is important to assess this and choose scenarios that allow you to make a plan [...]