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Exit Audiovisuales, your event company nationally and internationally

Innovation, international growth, development, efficiency … These are the keys of Exit Audiovisuales, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the audiovisual sector and based in Barcelona that offers comprehensive services for the production of all kinds of audiovisual events. In Exit Audiovisuales we provide all the necessary material and technical staff to cover any type of event. The company continues to grow every year and closes this 2016 with a more than positive balance both nationally and internationally. Exit Audiovisuales is the perfect company to organize any type of event, acts as an audiovisual partner in all kinds of activities with results that meet expectations. [...]

Touch screens for your company

Do you want to present your company balances? Project the objectives and goals of 2017? The touch screens are ideal for your company events and to expose any type of information to your employees or attendees of your event. Either to launch new services or products, display graphics, evaluations or all kinds of information. In Exit Audiovisuales we have the necessary audiovisual technology for your company.

Today we want to introduce two touch screens that can meet the growing demands of the sector. On the one hand we have 65 “touch screens, with HDMI, VGA and DVI-D input and output connections and a brightness of 500 nits that favors a perfect image and a quality result. This plasma consists of 4GB RAM and has a maximum consumption of 700W. [...]

Differences between video conferencing and videostreaming

In telecommunications, Exit Audiovisuales has the necessary equipment to carry out a videoconference and videostreaming. These are systems that allow communication through the internet and are ideal for all types of events, corporate meetings, small business meetings … Today we present its main features:

A videoconference is a bidirectional platform for live video connection between different people located in different places through the Internet. Video conferencing allows visual communication between a group of people from anywhere in the world. It is a point-to-point multipoint system ideal for business meetings or business meetings. The conference can be done through IP or ISDN (polycom equipment), or secondly, by installing software in each of the points. [...]

Our technological solutions for events

Nowadays, events are acquiring a superior dimension that multiplies its meaning, its content, as well as its organization and development. The Internet, new technologies and social networks have completely modified the way of dealing with the organization of an event. From Exit Audiovisuales we propose you a whole series of technological solutions to multiply the impact of your event thanks to a series of tools.

There are many possibilities to provide your event with an innovative and attractive character. Bet on digital signage to generate visual impact and capture the attention of all attendees, as well as touch screens, interactive platforms, information points … Digital advertising products that help reinforce the brand image. [...]

The best production teams for events

Exit Audiovisuales has always opted for high quality systems to meet the high demands of the sector. In our warehouse we have the best audiovisual equipment in production, mobile unit and direct video. The best technology for the production of large events, sports, institutional, cultural, musical …

In Exit Audiovisuales we have equipment for the realization of live video, configurable with up to 6 cameras. Equipped with the Sony HSC 100R Full HD cameras, which feature a dual focus assist function, automatic lens aberration compensation, and Hyper-Gamma function to maximize contrast. Its multi-matrix function allows color adjustments in the chromatic range and modify the hue and saturation in 16 chromatic spectrum zones. The set is complemented with FORA HVS-300HS mixer, monitor waveform and vectorscope, intercom and Marshall monitoring. [...]