Our technological solutions for events

Nowadays, events are acquiring a superior dimension that multiplies its meaning, its content, as well as its organization and development. The Internet, new technologies and social networks have completely modified the way of dealing with the organization of an event. From Exit Audiovisuales we propose you a whole series of technological solutions to multiply the impact of your event thanks to a series of tools.

There are many possibilities to provide your event with an innovative and attractive character. Bet on digital signage to generate visual impact and capture the attention of all attendees, as well as touch screens, interactive platforms, information points … Digital advertising products that help reinforce the brand image.

Social networks should be part of your event, yes or yes. You can incorporate them with the Twitter Event platform, an online tool that guarantees the active participation of the attendees at all times. It offers immediacy, active conversation and imminent feedback. In addition, today gamification in events is a trend and is closely linked to the development of mobile applications or for example QR codes with quizzes, among other possibilities. Bet on the development of an app and multiply the impact of your event. Mobile apps offer a large number of possibilities both for the organizing company, as for the exhibitors or attendees. It is an information guide with news, presentations, it is also used as an interactive plan, personal agenda … For companies it offers great advantages since it allows registering the data of visits, presenting the event or reporting papers, among other options. It is a key element before, during and after the event.

Another alternative that works very well in events is the surveys in real time. Both the exhibitors and the visitors will be able to comment and offer their comments through this tool. In this way, instant and immediate feedback is obtained, which will serve to improve future events.

Today technology offers many possibilities to the events sector and, in short, it will provide an important plus of value to each one of them. Bet on our technological solutions and organize a successful event with Audiovisual Exit.