Roland M-300 Digital

The M -300 V -Mixer is a 32 channel console that integrates many of the powerful features and extensive benefits of V -Mixers , but in a very compact format M- 400 and M -380 awarded. The M -300 and console adds to the growing line of V -Mixing system also consists of Digital Snakes , Personal Mixing and Multi - channel recording. Its size and affordability allow small and mid-sized venues to replace their analog consoles with a digital mixing solution . The M -300 is ideal for any event production , houses of worship , schools, government and corporate offices . The M- 300 is part of the V - line mixer that includes the M-400 and M- 380 .

Main features of the M -300

  • 32 mixer channels , output L / C / R, 8 AUX buses , 4 matrices
  • 4-band PEQ and dynamics on all channels
  • Integrated 11 / PEQ and various multi- effects delay on all outputs
  • AD / DA 24 bits for high quality
  • Controlled remotely from a PC
  • Recording / playback of a USB flash memory
  • Integrates seamlessly with Digital Snake for transmission , distribution, splitting and merging simple , high quality audio
  • Build - a flexible and powerful system by adding the Personal Mixing System , multi - channel recording and other REAC components


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